Huntington Beach Teenage Rhinoplasty Procedure with Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. TavoussiSome people feel very uncomfortable with how their noses appear. They may feel that the nose is too wide, too pointed or too bumpy. This feeling can create a lack of confidence, particularly when out in public, and can contribute to low self-esteem. Our Orange County nose job surgery can help to address these concerns and create the nose of one’s dreams.

At OC Cosmetic Surgery Clinique in Newport Beach, California, our resident surgeon, Dr. Tavoussi, performs our nose job surgeries. As a double board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Tavoussi knows the latest techniques for repairing or reshaping noses without leaving noticeable scars behind. He is also quite experienced in ethnic nose job surgeries, or rhinoplasties, which require different techniques than Western rhinoplasties do.
Benefits of Orange County Rhinoplasty Procedures

A rhinoplasty surgery is used to correct a variety of problems. Some people are simply uncomfortable with the shape of their noses, some have birth defects that need to be corrected, others have trouble breathing due to a malformed nose and others have had a nose injury that healed poorly. Dr. Tavoussi can discuss each of these problems with the individual and recommend the solution that will work best. He can also share before and after pictures of patients who have gone through the surgery.

The surgery usually lasts two hours or less. It is performed under general anesthesia at Pacifica Outpatient Surgery Center. During the procedure, the surgeon will make incisions that allow him to lift up the skin, giving him access to the bones, cartilage and other tissues beneath the skin. After reshaping these, he will re-drape the skin and suture the incisions.
Recovery After Orange County Nose Jobs

The patient will need to rest for a couple of days at home before resuming activities around the home. He or she may be able to return to work within a week. However, patients will need to be careful not to put stress on the incisions by blowing the nose, making large facial expressions, pulling shirts over the head or chewing excessively. The resulting temporary pain can be controlled with a prescription from the surgeon.

While bruising and a stuffy feeling in the nose may last for a while, most patients are delighted with the results of their rhinoplasties. Every nose job surgery is individualized and is determined by collaboration between doctor and patient. At OC Cosmetic Surgery Clinique in Newport Beach, our highest goal is patient satisfaction through their increased confidence in their bodies.